SEIFSA is an accredited training provider and this programme is unit standards aligned, and is designed to develop the delegate’s competencies with minimal loss of time and workplace disruption, while at the same time providing them with immediate practical benefits for themselves and their organisations.

This “Problem Solving & Decision making” learning programme is based on the following unit standard:

  • Solve problems, make decisions and implement solutions, ID 242817, Credit value 8

The purpose of this skills programme is to produce knowledgeable, skilled people who are able to contribute to improved productivity and efficiency within an organisation.  It will provide the means for current individuals to receive recognition of prior learning and to upgrade their skills and knowledge base.  The programme is structured in such a way that it exposes individuals to a set of core competences to give a broad understanding of operational management.  This programme also promotes the notion of life-long learning.

About the workshop

Well skilled and empowered managers, foremen, supervisors, team leaders and specialists play a critical role in ensuring success in the workplace and in their companies. Effective problem solving and decision making is the foundation for personal, team and organisational success.


Every day of our life we are faced with problems on various levels.  It is important to be able to determine what a problem is and what a “perceived” problem is.  In this training workshop unit you will be introduced to defining a problem and selecting techniques to analyse problems and to make decisions that solves the problems.


A large portion of a manager’s day is spent dealing with a variety of problems and making decisions relating to key result areas.  How these problems are solved and decisions made, have a direct result on your success as a manager/supervisor.


Problem solving and decision-making are integral to the manager’s job in terms of getting things done efficiently and effectively.  At every stage of the management process problems will arise that will require a solution to be found through problem solving and decision making.

Who should attend?

Attendance will be valuable to anyone in the workplace who would like to improve their communication and interpersonal skills.

Learning Outcomes are as follows:

  • Define the problem.
  • Investigate the problem.
  • Generate problem solutions.
  • Implement solution(s).
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the solution

Evaluate the decision implemented to resolve the problem

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