The SEIFSA Council is made up of the Chairpersons of employer Associations affiliated to SEIFSA, and it is the highest decision-making body within the Federation. It took the decision a week ago to approve the 48-hour lock-out notice to all unions within the metals and engineering sector, but withdrew it today following a meeting between SEIFSA Chief Executive Officer Kaizer Nyatsumba and Solidarity General Secretary Gideon du Plessis this afternoon.

Mr Nyatsumba, who had requested the meeting with Mr Du Plessis, said that he appreciated the fact that Solidarity was sufficiently concerned about the poor state of the economy, including the ailing metals and engineering industries. He expressed the hope that the other unions, which have all given notice to go on strike, could also be persuaded to forego the strike or to end it as soon as possible.

Mr Nyatsumba also indicated that SEIFSA continued to make itself available for one-on-one meetings with the different role players and other interested parties with a view to ending the strike just as it is beginning.

“Our economy has been seriously under-performing over the past few years and the situation has been worsening in recent times. The last thing that we need is a strike,” Mr Nyatsumba said.