The Protection of Personal Information (POPI) act, signed in 2013, is legislation that seeks to protect an individual’s right to information about them. It deems an individual’s data as “precious goods” that they have full rights to. Although signed in November 2013, some aspects are already in limited implementation (facilitated by proclamation No. R, 25. 2014) and include:

  • Definitions found in section 1.
  • Information Regulator found in Part A of Chapter 5.
  • The process governing the making of regulations found in section 113.

The act is expected to come into full effect in 2018 upon the president’s pronouncement, but organizations need to start working towards implementation today.

What will POPI mean for your firm?

Implications of POPI Act for Your Organization

Many organizational leaders have been grappling with trying to understand better what the POPI act means for the companies they lead. Here is what enforcement of the act will mean to you.

  • The first thing that your organization should note is the fact that it will only be allowed to collect information necessary for its operational needs. For any firms that have been relying on excess data points, this may pose a difficulty. Compliance will include spending the resources needed to assess all the information held by the organization in a bid to know what data confirms to this requirement.
  • Any information that you collect on clients and employees must be regularly updated to reflect any change that might have occurred since the last date of record.
  • Once dealings with a client whose information you hold are over you will be required to delete it from your system. The same will apply to any staff who are no longer part of the organization as well or be at risk of legal liability.
  • You will be legally tasked with the mandate to provide adequate protection for the data you collect. Your organization will have to expend resources in implementing safeguards e.g., investing in cloud systems for safe backups, encryption technology to protect it from any malicious actors whether at rest or when in use, etc.
  • If any client requests to take a look at the data you have on them, the law gives them the right to access that information. Your organization will, therefore, have to take a thorough look at all the reasons why it needs the data it collects if it might be compelled by law to share it.

Training Your Staff on These Implications

Non-compliance with the POPI act could land you an R10 million fine or ten years in jail. It is therefore critical that you train the necessary staff on what the act is, why it is essential to comply with and what needs to be done to achieve compliance.


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Why Attend the SEIFSA POPI Training Workshop?

The SEIFSA POPI workshop is a half-day training program geared towards unpacking the meaning of the POPI act in great depth and empower you to understand the implications for your organization. The POPI training will involve helping the attendees learn what particular processes unique to their operations will need to either be reviewed, introduced or scrapped to gain compliance.

The POPI workshop is most suitable for:

  • Managers
  • HR officials.
  • Officers in charge of compliance.
  • Managing directors.

Benefits of Attending the SEIFSA POPI Workshop

There are specific advantages of being a part of the SEIFSA POPI training program for both the individual and the organization.

Staff Benefits

  • Unique Content and Excellent Facilitation:
    The speakers facilitating the training are of the highest grade and are industry-leaders in every respect. As a result, the content that is put together conforms to high-quality standards aimed at comprehensively empowering every attendee.Due to the caliber of speakers on hand attendees won’t just be facilitated in the usual fashion. They will instead receive the forefront information gleaned from those within the industry who are effecting change. Latest insights on the act and its impact on companies will be a crucial focus of the entire workshop.
  • Skill Development:
    Staff who will be part of the workshop will have a unique opportunity to learn new skills and sharpen existing ones as well. Through interaction with other attendees from different organizational cultures and also industry leaders, they will be able to learn better ways of working that positively impact their skill sets.
  • Change of Pace:
    Staff members who attend the workshop will learn and engage with others in a different setting from their usual operational environment. The change in pace will not only help them learn better, but they will be more refreshed and productive once back in the office.
  • Staying Current with the Industry:
    Attendees of the workshop will get to learn about the latest industry trends and be up to date with the newest methods of operation and compliance. As a result, company productivity will receive a positive boost overall.
  • Networking:
    Attending the workshop will provide a timely opportune for employees to create linkages with compatriots through networking segments of the program.
  • Positively Impact Other Employees:
    Attending the workshop will enable the staff gain skills they can then take back to their organizations. Other colleagues will get to learn from your knowledge and benefit as a result. The overall effect for the organization will see positive growth and productivity.

Company Benefits

  • Talent Growth:
    Having staff attend the workshop will build a competitive advantage due to the knowledge they will receive that ultimately sets the company apart.
  • Tax-Deductible:
    The company can file a claim for the expenses related to the workshop to reduce its tax burden while simultaneously empowering its employees.
  • Greater Staff Loyalty:
    Providing employees with an opportunity to improve their talents and network builds greater buy-in and loyalty towards the organization.
  • Top Grade Content and Facilitation:
    Staff who attend the workshop will get to learn from industry luminaries who will train them using critical insights gained from navigating the latest trends.
  • Enhanced Productivity:
    The combination of enhanced training using leading trends and information, opportunities to network and a change of pace work together to improve employee productivity. Ultimately the organization will benefit.


Introduction of the POPI act calls for organizations to re-orient their operations for compliance. SEIFSA provides industry-leading training to empower companies on how to navigate the legislation best. Download now for a free EBook to learn how to speak to your manager for more success today.

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