Siya Biniza

Siya Biniza (Political Economy
Southern Africa – PESA)

Siya is a Political Economist specialising in Development Finance, Industrial Development, and Regional Integration. He has an insightful understanding of the political economy of development, entrepreneurship, and public affairs for corporations and social formations. His particular interest is advocating for regional integration as the solution to slow economic growth and exposure to global finance in South Africa, driven by the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Regional Integration Strategy and Roadmap.

Siya holds an M.Com and a B.Com (Hon.) in Development Theory and Policy from the University of the Witwatersrand. He also holds a B.Soc.Sci in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from the University of Cape Town.

Professor Patrick Bond 
(Wits School of Governance)

Patrick Bond is Professor of political economy at the Wits School of Governance and from 2004-16, directed the University of KwaZulu-Natal Centre for Civil Society. His PhD studies were at Johns Hopkins University (1985-93) under the supervision of David Harvey, and he also studied at Swarthmore College, the Peabody Conservatory and the University of Pennsylvania. He has lived in Southern Africa since 1989, and was editor/author of more than a dozen policy papers in the Mandela government.

His books include BRICS (edited with Ana Garcia, 2015), Elite Transition (2014), South Africa – The Present as History (with John Saul, 2014), Politics of Climate Justice (2012), Durban’s Climate Gamble (2011) and a dozen others.

Charles Dednam (CD Research)

Charles is an Independent Strategist and Consultant with specific expertise in setting steel price policy and strategy, and managing and marketing in regards to steel price system and price tactics. With a B.Com (Hon.) in Communications and Economy from North-West University, Charles continued to gain more than thirty years of industry experience.

Beginning as an Economist for Arcelor Mittal, Charles advanced to Group Manager of Marketing, specializing in strategic consultation and business plan development. Drawing on profound industry knowledge, Charles set out to offer independent services, allowing him to embrace and extend his abilities to companies in the Mining and Metals Industry. Highly regarded for his ability to optimize marketing functions on an international level, Charles consistently enhances his reputation as he builds sustainable relationships with industry partners around the globe.

Charles is affiliated with the South African Institute of Steel Construction, the South African Iron and Steel Institute, the International Iron and Steel Institute, the Steel Pipe and Tube Association and the Wire Association of South Africa.

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