Since 1 February 2018, the National Skills Development Management System (NSDMS) has been assisting merSETA to become more efficient and effective in supporting you, merSETA stakeholders, to implement and facilitate access to skills development opportunities in merSETA sectors. merSETA would like to thank you for all the support and feedback so far. Without you, merSETA would not have met its milestones.

Here are some outstanding statistics since merSETA introduced the NSDMS:

More than 3 850 active users and nearly 5 700 active employers/organisations

Nearly 9000 Grant applications have been initiated (1 954 991 WSP and ATR entries)

Nearly 1 600 MOAs in the region of R850 million were generated electronically in 2018

Nearly 80 000 tasks have been completed with over 500 000 emails sent

merSETA has not stopped working on further development. Today, merSETA is thrilled to announce that has officially launched the rest of the NSDMS on 1st July 2019. You are now able to:

Apply/register as a Skills Development Provider

Apply/register as an Assessor/Moderator

Manage and process learner related activities including registration, transfers, trade test, verifications and certification etc

Apply for workplace approval, courseware, skills programmes or skills sets

Apply for recognition of prior learning

Manage MOAs

Access reports

The wait is now over and merSETA is really excited that has launched the other NSDMS modules, but merSETA know that with any new system, it will take time to get used to it. Do not despair! merSETA is committed to walk with you on this journey and through its various training & development initiatives, merSETA will be here to support you every step of the way! merSETA has rolled out its stakeholder capacity building interventions in its regions. So, look out for capacity-building dates to prepare yourself to utilise the NSDMS and its features to the max.