Managing Absenteeism and Sick Leave at the Workplace

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The workshop will look at the main absenteeism issues affecting the health of your company, namely:

  • How to manage sick leave utilisation / abuse
  • Do you need to recognise traditional healers?
  • What constitutes a valid sick note and when can I insist upon one?
  • What disciplinary action can be taken to deal with unauthorised absence?
  • What constitutes authorised versus unauthorised absence?
  • How does unauthorised absence affect the leave and leave enhancement pay?
  • This workshop will provide you with guidelines to effectively manage these issues on a daily basis.
The workshop will cover
  • How to effectively manage sick leave thereby minimising sick leave abuse
  • How to identify and manage fraudulent medical certificates
  • How to discipline employees who abuse sick leave
  • Understand the issues surrounding traditional healers and paid sick leave

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