Industrial Relations Retainer Package

SEIFSA’s Industrial Relations division has introduced a comprehensive industrial relations management retainer service.

The service includes the following:

  • All aspects of industrial relations management up to and including the convening of grievance, disciplinary and appeal hearings, meetings with unions and shop stewards and the attending of conciliations at the CCMA / MEIBC CDR
  • Charing of various shop steward committee meetings and assisting in management and elected committees, the compilation and submission of the Employment Equity Act EEA 2 and EEA 4 Report forms

The cost of the service to member companies is R3300.00 (incl.VAT) per month for the first eight hours of the service with any additional hours thereafter billed at the standard SEIFSA member billing rate of R599.00 (inc. VAT) per hour.


Terms and Conditions

The duration of this agreement will be for a minimum period of 12 months.

SEIFSA undertakes to review the agreement with the member annually thereafter.

The retainer package does not include:

  • Representation at arbitration and Labour Court proceedings. Representation by a SEIFSA Industrial Relations consultant at arbitration proceedings will be at the standard SEIFSA billing rate

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