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The Draft National Qualifications Framework Amendment Bill, 2016, was published in Government Gazette no 40430 of 18 November 2016 for public comment within 30 calendar days of publication.

The aim of the draft Bill is “To amend the National Qualifications Framework Act, 2008 so as to provide for the substitution of the Long Title; to provide for the insertion of new definitions; to provide for the accreditation of private education institutions or private providers to offer qualifications or part-qualifications or any component thereof as contemplated in the principal Act; to provide for a separate register for professional designations; to provide for the formulation of evaluation criteria of foreign qualifications; to provide for the establishment of a register of fraudulent qualifications; to provide for the adherence of education institutions, employers and courts of law to the legal obligations to report fraudulent qualifications; to provide for the establishment by SAQA of a register of misrepresented qualifications; to provide for employers to be obliged to refer qualifications of employees to SAQA for validation and verification; to provide for transitional arrangements and for matters connected therewith.”

Comments can be sent to:

The Director-General
Department of Higher Education and Training Attention:
Adv. E Boshoff Private Bag X174 Pretoria 0001
Fax: 012 324 8230