Current Labour Law – Key Aspects of the LRA and BCEA

SEIFSA has developed a ONE DAY practical industrial relations workshop on current labour law of relevance to all employers and employees. These labour laws have a direct influence on how companies are managed and operate. The workshop will cover the essential areas of the LRA and BCEA.


The workshop will cover


The Labour Relations Act

Trade Union Organisational Rights

  • Access
  • Information disclosure
  • Stop order facilities
  • Appointment of union representatives

Closed Shop and Agency Shop Agreements

Powers and Functions of Bargaining Councils

  • Extension of Agreements
  • Statutory Councils
  • Dispute Resolution of Councils

Workplace Forums

  • Consultation, joint decision-making and information disclosure

The Right to Strike

  • Picketing, sympathy strikes and protest action
  • The recourse to lock-out
  • Using replacement labour

Unfair Dismissals

  • Automatically unfair dismissals and other dismissals
  • A fair reason for dismissal
  • Defining a dismissal
  • Dismissals based on operational requirements

Registration of Trade Unions and Employer Organisations

Transfer of Contracts of Employment

Temporary Employment Services

  • Presumption as to who is an employee

Dispute Resolution

  • The Centre for Dispute Resolution and the CCMA
Schedule 8: The Code of Good Practice: Dismissal

Basic Conditions of Employment Act

The legal relationship between the Act and the Main Agreement for the metal and engineering industry

Variation of basic conditions of employment

Regulation of working time

  • Ordinary hours of work and overtime
  • Meal intervals and night work


  • Annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave and family responsibility leave
  • Employment and remuneration
  • Termination of employment
  • Monitoring, enforcement and legal proceedings

Temporary employment services

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