UPDATE: Business Exemptions and Essential Goods and Services

UPDATE: Business Exemptions and Essential Good and Services

Essential Goods and Services – Categorization

Please refer to the PDF document, which is downloadable. It categorizes essential services and goods (check annexure B page 10), on the understanding of essential manufacturing and services.

Because the essential manufacturing activities are to continue to assist government in curbing the spread of the virus, with the enforcement of the lockdown, it will mean that no persons will permitted to move around without valid reasons and it is expected that SANDF will be enforcing this rule in all the key checkpoints. We are therefore requested to provide a list of suppliers in the sectors/ products declared as essential as per the PDF document. 

Please use the attached spreadsheet in excel, and populate should your sector be categorised as such.  

Also, for all companies listed as per essential services, kindly register on the following portal http://bizportal.gov.za

The site will be upload this morning.

Part 2
NB! LOAN FACILITIES – Affected companies can apply for loans. 

Please note the following generic email addresses to access the COVID 19 loan facilities:

Based on the broad categories that were announced by the President, a number of companies are already asking for exemptions from the lockdown requirements. A process is currently developed and will be shared once available.  Communication will be provided in due course.Final Lock down regulationsList of Companies

6 Steps to apply for ‘business operating’ exemptions during lockdown period

Several  categories of business are able to remain open during the lockdown period, in order to provide crucial and essential products and services to South Africans.

This is how business-owners and management can apply for exemptions, and remain operational during the lock down.

1. Please send your e-mail/letter to Dr. Umeesha Naidoo – Acting Chief Director of Primary Minerals Processing  (UNaidoo@thedti.gov.za).

2. Reason for the Request

3. Products Produced

4. Number of People required

5. Measures to be put in place (eg. Transport)

6. Location of the plant

Contact Acting Chief Director of Primary Minerals Processing  (UNaidoo@thedti.gov.za).

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