Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment

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Honeycomb Transformation is an Alliance Partner with SEIFSA and can enable and support businesses with the following services:
BEE Ratings

On-Site Document Verification

A Broad-Based rating is an in-depth process and an on-site verification of the evidence submitted for each one of the elements is required. The end result of this process is a rating certificate issued by Honeycomb that may then be used by the measured entity when tendering for government business or for other procurement purposes.

Pre-Rating Assessment

A pre-rating assessment is conducted on all of the evidence collated by the client, and is not verified by Honeycomb through an on-site visit. The result of this exercise is a B-BBEE scorecard, indicating the points received for each element as well as the B-BBEE Contribution status. This exercise is useful for companies to determine their readiness for an on-site BEE verification.

Rating Preparation

Collation of Documents and Information

The collation of evidence that supports your BEE score is essential, since the rating process is based on the evidence submitted. Our collation service team will assist in collating the proper evidence that is required for your BEE rating.

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