Artisan Development Project

The SEIFSA Training Centre hereby extends an invitation to member companies to participate in an Artisan Development Project known as War on Leaks, in partnership with the Department of Water and Sanitation and the EWSETA.


This project aims to support the National Skills Accord initiative and train 15000 artisans. It includes the following outcomes:

Artisan Development Programme

  • Recruitment and selection of candidates;
  • Indenture apprentices on training contracts;
  • Institutional training of 26 weeks at the SEIFSA Training Centre according to SETA qualification requirements;
  • Placement of candidates for practical training at employers; and
  • Final training and trade testing at the SEIFSA Training Centre.

Project Costs
The following project costs will be covered by the Project:

  • Recruitment and selection of candidates;
  • Institutional and final training costs;
  • A monthly stipend for candidates for the duration of training programme;
  • A toolkit and PPE needed during formal training phases;
  • Monitoring of candidates’ progress at employer sites; and
  • Administration and reporting of candidates’ progress.

Employer Obligations

  • Willingness of participating employer/s to take on candidate/s for practical training and exposure on site (the candidates should be able to start with practical, on-the-job training, on site, from January 2019);
  • Induction and workplace safety requirements;
  • PPE needed as to work site requirements; and
  • Mentor candidates through the guidance of a qualified artisan over a period of 18-24 months.

Artisan Trades
Candidates will be trained in the following trades:

  • Fitter and Turner/Mechanical (30 trainees)

Once the candidate has completed his/her trade test successfully, the employer is under no obligation to offer him/her employment. This is a general outline of the training programme and a serious attempt by the Department of Water and Sanitation, the EWSETA and the SEIFSA Training Centre to contribute to the development of artisans.

If you are interested in participating in this initiative, please forward the number of apprentices, per trade, that your organisation is willing to accommodate in the workplace to or

Yours in Skills Development 

Melanie Mulholland
Human Capital & Skills Development Executive
HR Professional – SABPP Registration # 10205
Skills Development Practioner (ASDSA)

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