A – Z of the Main Agreement

This workshop will cover the industry collective bargaining structure and process, the dos and don’ts of various types of employment relationships, such as labour brokers, limited duration contract workers, and other important conditions of employment as contained in the Main Agreement.

The workshop will cover
  • Wage rates and the wage exemption procedure
  • The three year deal, the no-strike clause and protection against plant level bargaining
  • Load shedding, power outages and other unforeseen contingencies – utilising section 7 (Short-time) to your advantage
  • Alternative employment relationships and the LRA’s three months deeming clause which falls on 1 April 2015
    • Limited Duration Contracts (LDC / FTC)
    • Labour broker services (TES)
    • Independent Contractors
    • Temporary employees
    • How do the LRA amendments and the 1 April deadline impact upon the Main Agreement
  • Calculation of shifts for leave and leave enhancement pay
  • Family responsibility leave
  • Standby and call-out allowances
  • Changes to the Sick Pay Fund rules granting employees an additional nine days compassionate leave
  • Annual leave pay and leave enhancement pay including the annual shutdown
  • Hours of work, overtime and Sunday pay, including flexible working time arrangements and shift allowances
  • Maternity leave
  • Injury on duty provisions
  • Retrenchment, lay-offs and severance pay
  • Managing sick leave and invalid sick notes
  • Any other areas that concerns YOUR COMPANY

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