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The structure and format of the 2017 Main Agreement wages and conditions of employment negotiations have finally begun to take shape.

In an unprecedented and strategic move, the four main employer groupings in this year’s negotiations have agreed to appoint an independent person to take on the role of a joint employer caucus facilitator. His primary responsibility will be to get coherency among the four employer groupings and, where possible, to consolidate different employer positions to be presented as common employer views.


At any time in the process, where a common position cannot be agreed upon, any party reserves its right to articulate its own position. The SEIFSA position and mandate will reside with the SEIFSA Council and its duly nominated representative, our vastly experienced Operations Director, Lucio Trentini.

To date, the employer parties have received formal demands from NUMSA and UASA. We expect to receive demands soon from the remaining trade unions (i.e. Solidarity, SAEWA and MEWUSA).

The Employer and Trade Union parties today agreed that the first round of negotiations will take place on 7 and 8 June 2017, with a second round on 15 June 2017. All negotiations will be facilitated by a Senior Commissioner from the CCMA.

Subsequent to the extensive inputs made by our member Associations, the SEIFSA mandate is in the process of being finalised and will be incorporated into a unifiedand consolidated joint employer position.

Following nominations submitted by the various Associations, the SEIFSA Council has elected a Main Agreement Negotiating Team. This Team will receive its mandate from the SEIFSA Council and is duty-bound to report back on progress to the Council as the negotiating process unfolds. Any revisions and/or amendments to the mandate reside strictly with the SEIFSA Council.

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